Joyce Meyer

Minister / Motivator

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Why is it that we can get so excited about people tell us they’ll do and yet we have a difficult time getting excited about the promises of God until we see it. And the thing that’s interesting is the longer we wait the more excited we get.  But with Christians it’s just the opposite. The longer we wait the more discouraged we get. The Bible talks about waiting on God. And waiting on God is not a passive thing, It’s very active and if you study it out it means to expect God.
You’re real life is not really the life that goes on around you. It’s not event the life that everybody thinks that you have. Your real life is the life that’s in you. It’s what’s going on in you. The kingdom of God is in you, the Bible says…  When Jesus came to offer us a new life, he offered us really, first and foremost, a very special inner life. Yes, He helps us with our circumstances but He’s also telling people that no matter what your circumstances are you can have a great life...

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