You know God can bring lessons during any moment, through anyone and by anything! My latest lesson came through the frying of a grilled cheese sandwich. Yep, I said it; grilled cheese sandwich! I had buttered the bread like I normally do and placed it in the cast iron skillet. At the same time, the phone rang and something the newscaster was saying on the television caught my attention. Innocently losing focus, I took my eyes off my original...
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A couple of years ago, Jim Colin's book Good to Great made quite a splash in the area of organizational development.  The book discussed how even the dowdiest of companies could make the leap to outperform recognized market leaders.  We, who are believers, could learn an important lesson by applying some of these same concepts to our daily life. We each have been endowed with a little something "extra" to help in our transition from good to great!
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